Does everyone need a parasite cleanse? A deep dive on parasites with Robin Foroutan.
Your Body Has Your BackFebruary 12, 2024x
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Does everyone need a parasite cleanse? A deep dive on parasites with Robin Foroutan.

In this episode we chat with Robin Foroutan aka “the parasite queen” about all things parasites. We discuss what parasites are, when they’re problematic, and what symptoms they might be associated with. Robin shares her personal journey and answers your burning question….Does everyone need a parasite cleanse?! 

Robin Foroutan, MS, RDN, HHC is an award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist and leading expert in holistic health and Integrative and Functional Nutrition, with a special expertise in gut health and detoxification. After her own health battle, Robin learned first-hand how to create the conditions that allow your body to heal itself – even if you’ve been told that all your labs are normal. She’s an expert health detective, understanding what your body is trying to tell you through its language of symptoms, and can help you chart a path towards getting back to your normal, healthy self. Robin’s deep understanding of a wide range of poorly understood health challenges – including IBS, gut infections and parasites, fatigue, fibromyalgia, hidden infections and viruses (including tick borne infections), environmental toxins and mold-related toxicity – plus her extensive knowledge in how to support the body, make her an ideal expert to partner with on your health journey. 

She sees clients through her virtual practice, Nutrition by Robin, is a functional nutrition consultant, lecturer, writer and media spokesperson. 


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