Everything You Really Need To Know About Chronic Inflammation
Your Body Has Your BackNovember 13, 2023x
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Everything You Really Need To Know About Chronic Inflammation

In this episode, Abby and Jillian dive into the topic of inflammation. Inflammation is a buzzy word in the online health space, but not many people actually know what inflammation is. There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation around what drives chronic inflammation and the role it plays with gut health and hormones.

Understand exactly what inflammation is, when it starts to become problematic, and what the root causes are. Learn how to identify if you might be experiencing symptoms of chronic inflammation and what lab tests to ask your provider for.

Abby and Jillian also discuss some of the most common misconceptions they see about inflammation and share examples of nutrition and lifestyle habits they see people engaging in that might actually be making chronic inflammation worse. 

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