Non-Negotiables of Routines for Gut and Hormone Health
Your Body Has Your BackOctober 16, 2023x
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Non-Negotiables of Routines for Gut and Hormone Health

In this episode, Abby and Jillian discuss the essential non-negotiable practices in our daily routines that must be in place to support healthy gut and hormones. Their goal is to demonstrate that daily routines don’t have to be complicated to be effective. These habits are anchoring practices that create consistency and stability for the body no matter how hectic someone's schedule may be. The key habits Abby and Jiliian dive into have the ability to improve stress resilience, improve cortisol balance,increase energy levels, boost mood, and increase productivity.

Their non-negotiable habits are divided into four key categories that fit into anyones morning and evening routines to bookend the day no matter how much or little time someone has. Abby and Jillian provide insight into why each category is part of the non-negotiables as well as share specific practices that fit into each category to make this episode immediately actionable.



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