Nutrition Strategies to Extinguish Chronic Inflammation Naturally
Your Body Has Your BackNovember 27, 2023x
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Nutrition Strategies to Extinguish Chronic Inflammation Naturally

In this episode, Abby and Jillian dive into last week's topic on chronic inflammation sharing nutrition strategies that naturally lower chronic inflammation. Abby and Jillian guide listeners to start supporting chronic inflammation through a macro view versus a micro view when it comes to dietary strategies. This means utilizing the gut and hormone healing plate, focusing on blood sugar and big picture nutrition strategies first before diving into single foods to see the greatest impact on lowering chronic inflammation. 

This episode also dives deep into the micro food strategies that pack a powerful punch in lowering chronic inflammation. Abby and Jillian share the specific foods that have the greatest impact on inflammation including how they influence inflammation and how to incorporate them into a delicious and sustainable diet. 

Join Abby and Jillian to learn how you can combat chronic inflammation at your very next meal and increase the flavor, color and nutrient density of your meal all at the same time! 

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